Monday, December 7, 2009

Goals and Planning

Take a look at your life right now. Just take a moment to ponder over where you've been, where you are, and where you are going. It is easy to see where you have been, Even easier to see where you are, but can you see where you are going? Do you know what your future holds? Where will you be tomorrow, a week from now, a month, a year, five years, ten years?

Those who travel life aimlessly and without direction wil lalways wonder what the future holds. Some will look on the future in fear, some with hope, some with confusion. Others seem to care little about the future and give it no thought whatsoever; they focus only on the present.

We can know what the future holds. We need not wonder in fear and confusion. First, decide where it is you want to be. What is it that you desire for your future? Whatever your hopes and dreams, do not belittle them or think it is impossible. Write them down. Make them concrete, so they are no longer dreams but goals.

Now that you know where it is you want to go, compare that to where you are. Are you acting in a way that will help you reach and achieve your goals? Can you connect the dots between where you are and where you want to be? It does little good to set a goal you do not know how to obtain. Any goal is going to require some work and effort, whether it be small or large. If you are not willing to do that work and put forth that effort, your dreams and goals will always remain beyond your grasp.

Someone dreams of joining the army. They decide they are going to do more than dream, they're going to do it, but they never contact a recruiter, never take the asvab, and never get into physical shape. They graduate high school, get a part-time job at a fast food restaurant and spend all their time and money on movies and video games. Someday, they say. Someday, I'll join the army. Will such a person ever fulfill this goal? Not if they continue on the path they are currently treading. They must resolve to do the work that will get them into the army.

Someone wants to become a famous judge, dreams of having their own court tv show. As with the someone who desired to join the army, there is a specific path that must be followed if such a goal is to be obtained. The person must go to law school, work with a law firm, get to know the right people, and be very good at their job. Without completing these steps, this dream will never be accomplished.

To give our lives purpose, We must decide where it is we want to go and connect the dots between here and there. The scale of our goals can be far-reaching and all-encompassing. They can cover those things we wish to accomplish by the end of our lives, and small simple things like what we want to hjave done by tomorrow. As we set goals and make plans to reach those goals, we are charting a course for our lives, taking control, and giving ourselves purpose and direction.

We should set goals in every aspect of our lives, like seeking improvement in physical-fitness, knowledge, learning and intelligence, emotional health, talents and skills for recreational use, skills for work, interaction and communication with other's, most importantly our spiritual health and well being. By setting these goals and following the necessary steps, to achieve them we will constantly be moving forward and improving ourselves through work, study, and experience.

Planning and goals will give us purpose and direction, and with this will come confidence, strength and direction. We can be confident in knowing where we are going. We will find strength in standing our ground and avoiding those things which will lead us astray. And we will find happiness in our accomplishments as we learn, grow and improve.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Small Little Life Update

Hello everybody who is reading this. I just thought that I would give everybody a quick update on the happenings in my life since I last posted. Life in Alaska is going wonderful. Things with Beverli(my girlfriend) are going tremendous. I cannot begin to tell her how much I love and appreciate her. She is the greatest gift the lord has ever given me. I am working at WalMart now. It is just a job until I finish my schooling. In this economy you cannot be to picky on a job. I am grateful to have one. I plan on going back to school next fall for radiology. That is it for now. See you all in a few.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


A few months ago in my first post I said change would be coming to my life soo. Well here I am 5 months later and the change has finally arrived. My wonderful girlfriend Beverli will be coming down here to Pennsylvania to visit me from Alaska. She wil lbe here for 9 days. After that when she leaves I will be going with her. That is right folks, I am giving up my entire life here, to move with my girlfriend to be with her all the way up in Alaska.

I do realize what I am giving up to move up there to be with her. My job, my friends, my family. All for a girl. Alot of people have told me I am crazy. Moving to another state just to be with someone else. I am thinking of the advantages I am gaining. As I said, A wonderful girlfriend that I love alot who could potentially someday become my wife. I have this great opportunity to make new friends, a chance to re-invent myself. Start anew. Plus, Alaska is one of the most beautiful states that I have ever been to(including Arizona).

So as I end one chapter in my life and start to wite another I look forward to writing what will be without a doubt the most exciting times in my life. To everyone in Pennsylvania who has supported me, My friends and my family I say Thank you, I love you all and I will keep in touch.

One of my favorite sayings that I have found that has helped me with this decision to re-locate is said by Paul Heyman in The Rise and Fall of ECW dvd..."You cannot achieve success without the risk of failure."

Friday, August 14, 2009

Experiencing the Sweet Peace of Forgiveness

"Sometimes we carry unahppy feelings about past hurts too long. We spend too much energy
dwelling on things that have passed and cannot be changed. We struggle to close the door and let go of the hurt. If, after time, we can forgive whatever may have caused the hurt, we will tap 'into a life giving source of comfort'through the Atonement, and the 'sweet peace' of forgiveness will be ours." James E. Faust, "My Journey To Forgiving" Ensign, February 1997.

"Some injuries are so hurtful and deep that healing comes only with help from a higher power and hope for perfect justice and restitution in the next life...You can tap into that higher power and receive precious comfort and sweet peace." (now)- James E. Faust, Instrument in the Hands of God. Ensign, November 2005.

The pwer of the Atonement will ease the burden of a hurt and make it easier to have sincere love and pure charity. This is "The better angels of our nature." Quote taken from Abraham Lincoln in his first Innaugural Address. March 4, 1861.

"It is easier to forgive and to forget than to carry the burden of an offense."---Ray B. Kapp

Thursday, August 6, 2009


If I can fill my inbox once more with messages of you
If I can see you smiling at me the way you used to
If I can let you know how I feel and not have to hide
If I can bare my heart and soul and forget my foolish pride
If I can dream with you once more
If this time would be different from before
If I can let you see what's inside my heart
If I can be with you and never have to part.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Remaining True To Your Covenants

This is a principal I learned under god's tender tutoring hand. It is a true principal and if followed will help you make many good decision's in life.

Once you have made a commitment to be true to god the Adversary will step in and tempt you to abandon your dedication. He will tempt you to think it's okay to let down your guard just this once and then you will make the decision to change. Of course, this is false. But how can you know if this is temptation from the opposition? How can you decide to decide to live the Commandments of God? A dedicated person who wants to be true to his covenants may fall in his efforts to be true, but the fall should never keep him down. He can get up, regroup and decide again and again until he gains the strength to remain true. It isn't easy, But it is possible to make this decision.

"Our destiny and ultimate fate depend on our daily decisions. Tomorrow's joy or despair has it's roots in decisions we make today. Those who stand at the threshold of life always waiting for the right time to change are like the man who stands at the bank of a river waiting for the water to pass, so he can cross on dry land." Joseph Smith made the right choice of praying to god at the right time for an answer to his questions. We are his children whom he loves and we have that same right. But, We must decide to decide.- Joseph B. Wirthlin "The Three Choices" Ensign- Nov. 2003

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stanley Cup

Congratulations to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champions...Pittsburgh Penguins. Lord Stanley's Cup is back in the Burgh!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Testimony of the Prophet

So often as I think of Joseph Smith and the work he accomplished in bringing forth the Restoration, I am brought to tears of gratitude for his sacrifices. He went through so much pain and heartbreak , through almost constant persecution which began immediately after he began speaking of the First Vision, the loss of family members, including many of his own babies, and through his own errors, such as losing the 16 pages of the manuscript of the Book of Mormon. Yet, he remained strong, steadfast, immovable, faithful even to his death as a martyr.

I am grateful for the teachings he brought forth, for the latter-day scriptures, especially for the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants, and for the blessings of the temple work that he instituted. No uninspired man could have done what he did in the relatively short time that he had. He was given his calling at the young age of 14 and martyred at the age of 38. In only 24 years he laid the foundations for the great work of the latter days, brought forth new scriptures and teachings, restored the priesthood authority, helped to build two temples, founded the beautiful city of Nauvoo, served as an officer in the Illinois state militia, and ran as a candidate for President of the United States of America.

I think John Taylor said it best in the Doctrine and Covenants 135:3, when he said:

Joseph Smith, the Prophet and seer of the lord, has done more, save Jesus only, for the salvation of men in this world, than any other man that ever lived in it.

I testify to the world that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of god. I have studied his works, read the scriptures he brought forth, and worshipped in the church he restored as the instrument and mouthpiece of the Savior. I know with no doubt in my mind, that he was a true prophet. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. What is your testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith? Leave a short testimony in the comments section. I look forward to reading your testimonies.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Things That Make Me Happy

I have been going through a bit of not generally being satisified with my station in life. I don't know if it is because I am getting older...but I have been questioning all of my choices lately. I am sure most here can relate to such insanity.

Anyhoot, I decided to make a list. I needed to figure out what makes me happy. So here it is:

1. Beverli...The light of my life. My beautiful girlfriend. She is my heart and soul.
2. My family...There is alot of chaos in my family, Then again what family does not have chaos. In the end they are always there for me.
3. My job...Ok my job does not always make me happy, but in the end in this economy I am still grateful to have a job.
4. Writing...Letting it all hang out, good, bad. Novels...short stories...poetry.
5. Church. ..I truly love The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, As I know it is the gospel restored on this earth.
6. My friends...Ellen and Brian are my 2 best friends on this earth. They have always been there for me and I can never tell them how grateful I am to have them in my life.
7. Reading...I love reading. It calms me down. Right now I am currently reading about 4 different books. It is hard to find time to read them all. I should focus on 1 book at a time.
8. My nephews...Bradley and Dylan. I love them with all of my heart. They are the greatest nephews anyone could ever ask for.
9. Watching tv...Once again, watching tv helps soothe me after a hard day.
10. My future...My future with Beverli is what keeps me going.

These are just a few things that make me happy. They are in no particular order.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Keeping The Savior In My Life

The atonement can be an amazing thing, for me it has helped me to set my life back on the course it needed to be. I am so grateful to my Savior for what he has done for me. For so long I had been living without his presence. I had kept the Savior out of my life. I didn't realize how empty I was. It is wonderful to have the Savior with me to help and inspire me. I have noticed that as long as I am willing to listen to his promptings he will guide me in the right direction. This has become ever more clear to me as time has passed.

Because I had grown lax and because I was not keeping the standards to where they should have been I allowed certain things to come inside my life. Certain tv shows that used foul language and crude behavior in an effort to be funny. Certain movies(Rated R). These things have had an effect on me, My language changed. My behavior changed. I grew desensitized to crude and offensive things.

Since deciding to change myself and bring the Savior back into my life and returning to the lord's true church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints I have found my sensitivity to those things returning. I am once again shocked to hear foul language, and offensive behavior on and off television has once again begun to bother me.

I have thought about asking my family to remove those things from our home. But that is much like trying to force my ideals on them. So instead, I have asked them to watch them when I am not around or not at home. They have to let the Savior guide them to what they feel is right just as I have to do the same thing.

I cannot truly focus on repentance and on trying my hardest to return to God if I allow things in my life to drive him away. Keeping the Savior strong in my life is what helps me resist temptation and any urge that may come along to return to old bad habits.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Many people have regrets in life. Regrets are something we just have to live with. Some we cannot change, some we can. Since my return to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints one my biggest regrets is not being able to go on a mission. To serve the lord and spread his word to those who seek it is something that I really have a desire to do. Since I was active and inactive throughout my life in the church I never got the chance to serve a mission. To fully devote 2 years of my life serving the lord and spreading his word is something I now have a desire to do. Of course, there are senior missionaries. When a husband and wife retire, they are able to go on a couple's mission. This is something that I really want to do with my future wife. My wife and I spreading the word of our heavenly father to those who seek it or need the lord in their life is something I really want to do. Just knowing that I have changed someone's life for the better makes me proud. The church has a saying, "Every member a missionary." I know that I do not have to actually be on a mission to spread the lord's word. I can spread the word of our heavenly father to those who seek it. That is something that I look forward to.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Love, It is an interesting thing. It can drive us to do so many things in life. And the promise, or premise of it can drive us to do things we never thought to do. Sometimes in love you hurt the person you really care about. You don't mean it. It just happens. For example, Recently I hurt the woman I love.

On my last blog I mentioned how I am returning to the LDS faith. There is a big difference between my girlfriend and I. She was raised in the gospel, as I was in and out of it all of my life. She lives the gospel. Myself, I know I believe it with all of my heart and soul, However, I find it a constant struggle to live it. As I try to change and live the way heavenly father wants me to live, I find that old habits die hard.

In the bible there are mentions of temples. The LDS church has restored those temples on earth today. Every man and woman who strives to live a worthy life like heavenly father commands his children may enter the temple after they are deemed worthy. In the temple, lots of things take place. We make sacred covenants with our heavenly father. Covenants that we strive to keep every day. Temples are literally the house of the lord. We make promises in the temple and receive blessings. The greatest blessing is that we can return to live with god and be with our families forever.

In the temple, We can be sealed with our families forever. In the afterlife, We can actually live with our families. I know I find great comfort in knowing that. Also in the temple, marriages are performed. Let me explain this. A marriage in the temple is also called a sealing. Meaning, You can be sealed to your spouse for time and eternity. Also you can be sealed to your children. In the afterlife, you can know that if you live the life heavenly father wants us to live you can see them in the afterlife.

I have been struggling with this topic for weeks now. The only reason why is because my family, although members of the church have been inactive for several years. This means my family cannot enter the temple to one day see me get married. Beverli and I have been arguing about this. She has tried and tried to help me understand. In all honesty, I have prayed about it and received my answer from the lord. I do understand it. I know the lord commands his children to get sealed in the temple so they can be together for time and eternity.

I was puttiny my needs above Beverli's and heavenly father's. I wanted a civil marriage first.
Because I wanted my family to see me get married. I was being selfish and stubborn. I carried on like this for weeks. I was basically acting like an imature baby. I admit it. Fact is, We all have our free agency, If my family chooses not to live the way heavenly father intended us to live, then Why should I punish the love of my life by demanding nothing less than a temple marriage first?

Last night I gave her an ultimatum. I said civil marriage first or we are over. The fact is, I love Beverli. I do not want to push her away. I know the lord commands us to get married in the temple and that is what I am going to do. Beverli is a remarkable lady. A rare gem. I am glad that after my behavior, the way I have been acting, she has given me another chance. I am going to put heavenly father first in my life, I someday want to return to live with him and Beverli and our children in the celestial kingdom. I feel really bad for what I have done. I just hope that I can make it up to her. I love Beverli with my heart and soul. I want to be worthy of having her and living with her in the celestial kingdom.

Love, it is a very misunderstood word. It is a word that is used for many, many things. But the truth of the word is that if you really love a person, you will do anything you can not to hurt them , and if by chance you do end up hurting them, as I am sad to say we all do at one point or another, then try your hardest to make it up to them. Service, understanding, asking for forgiveness.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I am always skeptical about making changes in my life, usually because I am afraid of the outcome or because I'm too comfortable to make changes. I don't want to be afraid. I try to make an effort slowly to make changes in my life. However, Changes bring opportunities and challenges that will make us better if we really make an effort to make positive changes in our lives.

My life will be flooded with changes starting this summer. First and most importantly, I have met the most wonderful girl in the universe. We met through the dating website. She lives in Alaska. I have fallen hard for her. She has helped me in so many ways. She gives me strength, motivation and hope that the future will be better. For those of you wondering her name, it is Beverli. I am going up to visit her this summer and if that works out, Well change number 1 in my life, is in September when she comes down here to visit me and meet my family, when she returns to Alaska, I will be going with her.

I have been told by many people that I should not make this move. This isn't a move that I have rushed into. I have carefully weighed the pros and cons of this move, and I also prayed to my heavenly father if this is the correct move for me. I feel he answered that prayer by telling me yes. Many people have told me look at what I am giving up, and look at what I will be losing. I also look at what I will be losing if I do not make this move. I will be losing out on potentially the greatest person to have come into my life in a long time. Besides, my friends, my family and the job I have now will always be here. You ask what will I be gaining? That question is easy...Beverli. That answer right there is reason enough for me to give everything up that I have here and go up to Alaska and be with her. Love makes you do crazy things, Love is making me pack up my life in Pennsylvania and move to Alaska to be with somebody. To me, It is all worth it. For those of you who doubt love on the internet, just try it. What do you have to lose?

Of course with these changes comes leaving behind old friends, and meeting entirely new people. I am going going to ever forget about my current friends(Ellen, Brian,Pam, my 3 best friends). I look forward to the challenges and excitement of meeting new people and making new friends. Also, comes meeting my girlfriend's family. I look forward to meeting them all, hoping that they will like me. No matter how much Beverli assures me that they will like me, I am still utterly nervous. That just comes with the territory. I know that once I get to know them, and they get to know me, in due time we will all become friends.

One more change in my life, another pretty big change is my faith in heavenly father. When I was growing up I went to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Better known as the mormon church. I was baptized into the church at age 9. I was active and inactive in the church for many years. I felt I never really had a true testimony of the church, Joseph Smith and our heavenly father, and The Book of Mormon. Recently in my life I was really questioning the church and it's place in my life. My friend Brian introduced me to a great christian church that I attended frequently. I loved going to that church. I did not want to miss a single sermon. However, something inside my head kept telling me that this was not where I was suppose to be.

Something kept drawing me back to the Mormon church. I could not figure it out. So, once again I began a quest to figure this out once and for all. I began meeting with the LDS missionaries more frequently. I enjoyed my time talking to them and them helping me figure this out. However, there was only 1 way for me to figure this out all on my own and that was to get down on my hands and knees and pray to heavenly father. I did that for weeks, to no answer. I wanted to give up, alot of times. I was very frustrated. However, one of the things I have come to understand is that heavenly father answers prayers when he feels you are ready, not when you want the answer. Finally, one night I humbled myself and knelt down and started praying again to heavenly father. I asked heavenly father if Joseph Smith was a true prophet, if the Book of Mormon is true and if The LDS church is his church of the restored gospel. I actually began to cry as I asked him. Finally, I felt a sense of peace and tranquility come over me. It was like a tidal wave washing over me and letting me know that all of this is true. The LDS church is the church of the restored gospel, Joseph Smith was a prophet, we have a prophet on the earth today in Thomas Monson and The Book of Mormon is true. I know longer doubt any of those things. I know for a fact that they are all true. All you have to do is ask heavenly father and he will answer if you are sincere enough and humble yourself to him.

I know I gave up alot when I left the church. One thing I do know, I am on the right path in life. I do not doubt that for one single second. The moment I stepped through those church doors again for the first time in a long time it was like coming home again. I love this church, I love the restored gospel. I am willing to do whatever it takes, however long it takes to come back to full membership once again. I know someday if I live the gospel I will return home to live with heavenly father. What other place would anyone want to be?

Monday, March 30, 2009

My 1st Post

Welcome to my first blog everyone. Where to begin? My name is Michael Peters. I am 30 years old and I live in Pennsylvania. I work in a supermarket. I know what a crappy job, but it pays the bills. I started this blog so I could maybe help myself out with things I want to do. Talk about my life and problems. If you want to read about me, I welcome you. This is just the beginning, I will post again soon. My life is going to be having some major changes soon. I promise you! So stay tuned because the adventures are just beginning.