Sunday, January 12, 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

     Another year has come and gone so here I sit early in the morning attempting to make another update to this blog.  I don't really know if anyone reads this or not, but I keep trying to update it at least once a month, so here is this month's  post. 
     The year 2013 was a year of major changes for my family and I.  The year began with my wife who was six months pregnant at the time being put on bed rest for reasons I will not get into.  The next change was a move, as we left our home and moved into another, this even meant changing wards.  We left a ward that we absolutely loved and had and still have great friends and went to another.  With my wife's bed rest even came a ten day stay in the hospital, which to be honest scared me a lot.  This is something I never want to experience again.  I am not very good at being alone.
     March saw my wife and I become parents, as our little girl was born in early March via C-section.  Becoming a parent has become one of the biggest blessings and challenges in my life, but my daughter is absolutely worth it.  Just seeing her smile and hearing her laugh makes my day.  In May my father and oldest nephew came to Alaska for my daughter's baby blessing and it was great to be able to spend five whole days with them and show them some of Alaska.  I hope to see them again soon.  In May my wife went back to work so this meant I got to be alone with my young daughter and to be perfectly honest with you, I did not do so well.  I was totally lost on how to take care of a newborn, it actually drove me to tears.  Yes, I cried because I did not know how to take care of my daughter.  I guess I am not good at taking care of newborns.  If it wasn't for my mother-in-law helping me and guiding me I would have gone crazy.  The good part is with a lot of practice I have gotten much better at tending my daughter.  Also in May I started a new job.  I now work for Fred Meyer( I must say this is a wonderful company to work for and I am a proud employee and will be a loyal shopper of theirs for many years to come. 
     September brought new changes to our stake and the creation of a whole new ward.  Which my family is now in.  We are getting to meet some new wonderful people because of this, so this was now our third ward in 2013.  Hopefully the ward hopping is done for at least 2014.  Also, I received a new calling in October, as I was called to be the Elders Quorum Secretary and a Ward Missionary.
     November saw another big accomplishment in my life as I graduated from University of Phoenix with my Associates Degree in elementary education.  I am so proud of this, I never imagined this happening to me.  I cannot wait to start University of Alaska-Anchorage this coming May.
     With all of the changes in my life in 2013, I cannot wait to see what 2014 will bring.