Friday, June 22, 2012

My Visit Home

     Recently I had the opportunity to fly back home to Pennsylvania for 3 weeks to visit my family and friends that still live there.  While I mostly hung out with my family and only went a few places to visit, it was the fact that I got to return "home" and visit everyone. 

     I did get to hang out with my two best friends, Brian and Ellen.  With Brian I attended church with him, while Ellen and I went to a Pittsburgh Pirates game.  For the Pirates game we got there a bit late (3rd inning) as the 2012 Pittsburgh Arts Festival was also happening) and even though my father gave us the tickets and we had a free parking pass we could not find the lot for which we were assigned to park.  After driving around for a long time we finally found the parking lot and went into PNC Park and watched the game.  We had fourth row on the left field.  Thank you Ellen for attending the game with me and it was awesome to spend time with you.

     I also got to attend my old ward back in Pennsylvania.  It was great to see everybody again, including the person who re-baptized me into the church in 2009.  Larry you are one of my fellow Brothers-in-Christ and my thoughts and prayers are always with you.  I also attended a family reunion while there.  My aunt on my mom's side throws a family reunion every year and it was a pleasant afternoon getting to see people whom I had not seen in years.

     My father and I got to take my two oldest nephews to Kirtland, Ohio and to visit the Kirtland Temple.  My oldest nephew who is not of my faith got to see the temple and visit some of the historic sites that are offered, he even asked some really great questions.  My other nephew, I hope he remembers this visit, as i look forward to attending his baptism when he turns 8 in two years.  I enjoyed my visit home and I hope that I get to come back next year and see everybody again.