Thursday, December 22, 2011

2012, A Year for Change?

First off with 2011 almost over and 2012 almost here I would like to wish all who read this blog a very Merry Christmas and a safe and joyous New Year.  The title of this update is change.  There are a few changes that I would love to make in my life next year.  Here they are, not in any particular order:

I want to make 2012 one of my final years at Walmart.  I heard a phrase on television once and it has always stuck out in my mind, "When you wake up and you hate your job, you know it is time to leave."  I will continue to look for a new job, rather than stay in this current position and be miserable.  Walmart is not a place that I want to build a career at.  

I want to continue with my education and someday receive my teaching degree(yes I have decided to stick with elementary education, my Primary calling has helped me realize this) so that I may achieve my dream and provide a good life for my family.

I want to become a father(enough said)

I want to continue to learn and grow in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and apply his teachings to my life and use them on a daily basis to help build myself and my testimony.  This includes reading my scriptures and saying my prayers on a daily basis.

I want to learn and grow in my new calling(whatever this may be).
I want to call home more often and spend a lot of time with my family whenever they come to visit me this summer.

I want to become a better person than I am now and to be a better husband to my wife and a better person to my friends and family. 

I think 2012 will be a great year for myself.