Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Soon to be Temple Marriage

Hopefully soon I will be receiving word from the First Presidency(Thomas S. Monson, Henry B. Eyring and Dieter F. Uchtdorf) that I will be receiving all of my blessings back that I lost when I resigned in October 2007. Once I receive word that everything is a go I will be able to marry my wonderful fiance Beverli in the temple for time and all eternity.

I know the Prophet and his counselors are very busy helping to guide the church but I cannot wait until the day comes when I receive the word that everything is a go. Not only will I get to marry Beverli, but I get the melchizedek priesthood(I get to become an elder) but I also get the blessings of the temple. These are all very important things to me.

I get the knowledge of having Beverli and our future family with me for time and all eternity. This is a very comforting thought for myself. Although getting married does not necessarily mean you get your spouse for time and eterity. You have to honor your covenants that you make in the temple and constantly work at your marriage in order to have your spouse for time and all eternity.

I know this decision is also up to the Lord. All of this is on his time, not mine. Even though I anxiously await the answer. This is helping me to learn patience. I love my church, I love the Lord and I love Beverli. All of this is definitely worth it.