Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ear Surgery

Yesterday on July 8, 2011 I underwent ear surgery. It was outpatient surgery. I was at the surgery center by 7 am and home by 1 pm. It all started when I had an earache the last day of vacation back in May. A few days later with my ear hurting really bad I went to a 24 hour health clinic. The clinic said that I had too much wax build-up inside my ear so they decided to do a ear irrigation(in the very same ear in 2002 I had a ruptured ear drum).
Needless to say when the water was shot into my ear with the tube I believe that is what caused an even bigger problem. The pain I felt from the water(the nurse shot the water into my ear 2 times) is pain I would not even wish upon my worst enemy if I had a worst enemy. My ear felt good for a little while but it then started to hurt again. I finally was able to go to a great ear doctor who looked at my ear and said that I had a 25percent hole in my left ear drum.
I was basically given 2 options. I could not do anything about it and live with the hole in my ear drum and possibly risk further damage to my ear in the future or get surgery done and try to regain some of the hearing back in my ear which I have already lost. For myself, the decision was an easy one. I decided to get the surgery. The surgery was then scheduled for 10 days later.
Yesterday I had my surgery done. I honestly do not remember much. I was very tired from the anesthesia. I remember waking up around 10:30 am and wanting to throw up. I then slept for a little while more and then came home. Even though it was out-patient surgery, I was still scared. I asked the 2 missionaries who are serving in my ward for a priesthood blessing, which they much obliged. The blessing did calm my fears a bit but did not take my fears away completely. I am thankful for the missionaries for coming by my house and giving me the blessing.
Now I am off work for 2 weeks while I wait for my ear to heal. I am thankful for my ear doctor for helping me, along with all of the nurses at the surgery center for their wonderful care. I am most thankful for my loving wife for without her love and support and taking care of me I would not make it through this whole ordeal.