Monday, April 21, 2014


     When the year 2014 started I knew it was going to be a year of changes, I just did not realize how big the changes were going to be.  I am now fully enrolled at the University of Alaska-Anchorage.  It finally feels good to be going to a main campus instead of taking online classes.  I loved my online classes that I was taking through University of phoenix, and I would recommend University of Phoenix to anyone who asks, however after three years of taking online classes I am excited to be back inside a real classroom.
 I am beginning by taking two classes this summer, and then going full time in the fall with four classes.  I have also changed my major.  Right now I am undecided, however I am looking into Human Resources as my new major.  I have decided to take a different route than the path I was already on with elementary education.  I believe with all of the budget cuts going into education today, the overcrowding of classrooms, and making it hard to find a teaching job that this is not the best career path to take for myself and my family.

     I am proud of myself and of all of my accomplishments, including my Associate's Degree.  Now it is time to move onto bigger and better things with my life.  This all begins at University of Alaska-Anchorage.(  I will become the first person in my immediate family to have a Bachelor's Degree.  This will become quite an accomplishment for myself and I look to the future and to achieving this dream.  With my family supporting me all of the way, who knows what the future holds for me?