Thursday, September 3, 2009


A few months ago in my first post I said change would be coming to my life soo. Well here I am 5 months later and the change has finally arrived. My wonderful girlfriend Beverli will be coming down here to Pennsylvania to visit me from Alaska. She wil lbe here for 9 days. After that when she leaves I will be going with her. That is right folks, I am giving up my entire life here, to move with my girlfriend to be with her all the way up in Alaska.

I do realize what I am giving up to move up there to be with her. My job, my friends, my family. All for a girl. Alot of people have told me I am crazy. Moving to another state just to be with someone else. I am thinking of the advantages I am gaining. As I said, A wonderful girlfriend that I love alot who could potentially someday become my wife. I have this great opportunity to make new friends, a chance to re-invent myself. Start anew. Plus, Alaska is one of the most beautiful states that I have ever been to(including Arizona).

So as I end one chapter in my life and start to wite another I look forward to writing what will be without a doubt the most exciting times in my life. To everyone in Pennsylvania who has supported me, My friends and my family I say Thank you, I love you all and I will keep in touch.

One of my favorite sayings that I have found that has helped me with this decision to re-locate is said by Paul Heyman in The Rise and Fall of ECW dvd..."You cannot achieve success without the risk of failure."

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