Thursday, June 6, 2013


     Here I sit again at my computer updating my little blog in the big world wide web.  I have so many hopes, so many dreams that I want to accomplish with my life, sometimes I question how do I go about getting this accomplished?  Do I take Plan A, or do I take Plan B.  Perhaps I take a different path, one that is not quite so obvious. 
     I have flirted with doing other things with my life, taking other routes with different careers, besides what I am currently majoring in.  The fact is, it all comes down to my dream of becoming a school teacher since I was in the third grade.  Lets face it, there is nothing else that I really want to do with my life, except spend the rest of my life in school.  What that means is obtaining my education and then teaching. 

     However, there are other aspects with my life that I am currently unhappy with.  How do I go about changing them?  Hopefully, time will tell.

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