Monday, August 5, 2013


     I have been thinking about what to update this blog with for the last few days now, as apparently I missed my update last month.  I want to go over some of the regrets I have been thinking about over the course my life.

1.  Not staying active in the church.  I believe my not staying active in the church did leave to me eventually leaving and not gaining a full testimony of the restored gospel, which also lead me to my next regret:
2.  Not serving a mission.  My wife served a mission and she absolutely loved her mission in Brazil.  I wish I had that type of experience in my life so that I could have helped spread the work of the kingdom on the earth.  Also, a mission is a growing experience which I think is something that I still need in my life right now.  I try to do all I can with my calling as a ward missionary and to support our local missionaries who are serving in our ward.  But still, I think back and wonder what might have been?
3.  Arizona.  I lived in Arizona for a while in 2004, and still consider it one of the best times of my life and  my favorite place to be.  I will not get into full detail about my experience there and how much I screwed up, but I will always look back with fond memories of a wonderful place with some great memories in my heart.
4.  Education.  I regret not starting my education sooner in life.  I have always wanted to be a teacher, hopefully I can make this happen.
5.  Paying attention in school.  I wish I would have paid more attention in school, if I did who knows where I might be today.
6.  Navy.  I regret not going into the Navy after I graduated.  I could have gained a world class experience and school could have been paid for.  I chickened out, and my recruiter never got me my waiver he promised me.  That is another story for another time.
7.  Not being a righteous priesthood holder.  I will not go into full details here, but I have done some things in my life that I am not proud of like everyone has, but I am trying to fix these mistakes.

     These are just some of the regrets I have in my life.  I am sure I can think of plenty more, but I do not want to make a really long blog post.

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