Monday, August 8, 2011

Career Change(s)?

Recently I have had a lot of topics on my mind. Most of this has to do with my current job and my future profession. I am very unhappy with my current job working at Walmart. I feel that this is a company that I cannot be at any longer, or even make a career out of. I know plenty of people will probably tell me otherwise, but I am talking about my own experiences here. Now married and wanting to start a family sometime in the future I know I need to seek better employment. I have already put some applications in other places and recently had a job interview with Alaska USA Federal Credit Union. I hope that I get this job and it leads me to bigger and better things in life. I want to work for a company that values and respects their employees.
Now as for my next career change...Well this is another thing that I am confused about in a big way. All of my life I have grown up wanting to become a school teacher. Until recently this has now changed. I have simply lost my desire to be a school teacher. The passion is gone, I have lost it and do not know where to find it. So now here I am left all confused and also to ponder as to which career I will finally decide upon. Let's be clear here, I am 33 years old, which means I am not getting any younger here. I think everytime I have a career decided upon, I decide that this is not the career for me. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated as to what career Ishould look into and how I should finally decide on a career.


Berty Bell said...

I feel your confusion. First off, I really, really, really hope things work out with the Alaska USA job. I worked for them one summer and they are a great company to work for. As for the teaching - I could care less about teaching myself! I have struggled all through school and am sick of it, but lord be will'n I'm going to graduate. Just because I graduate doesn't mean I will be teaching. I'm thinking of being a flight attendant...cause I'm not getting any younger either. ;) Good luck with all that happens - hope it works out to your liking. Keep us posted. :)

beverlibee said...

Awe babe, you will figure out what diection you want to go in...all in due time. Love you!