Saturday, October 13, 2012

Obama vs Romney

     As a lot of people know I love politics, especially when it comes to the office of the President of the United States.  My wife can tell you, I watch all of the political shows no matter what channel they might be on.  We have an election coming up on November 6th for the President.  This election will decide the course of our country not only here at home, but foreign policy as well for the next four years.   have belonged to the Democratic party ever since I was first able to vote in the 1996 election.  Until recently I have decided to vote for the "other" party in this election.  Let me give you 2 reasons why I have switched my vote in this election:
1. Stagnate Economy: Obama promised an improved economy. But, the unemployment rate has remained above 8% for 43 months. Supposedly the unemployment rate has dropped to 7.8% recently, but many feel these numbers are inaccurate as the GDP did not also reflect a spiked improvement. Rosier jobs reports exist only by not counting people who have given up on looking for jobs. If these individuals were included in the jobs numbers for this country, it is estimated that the unemployment numbers would actually be around 11% or so. This generation of young adults seem to need a new nickname - the “boomerang” generation, as many young college graduates are unable to find work in this economy and are moving back in with their parents.

2.  Food Stamp Increase: Never before in the history of our country have so many Americans been on food stamps as they are right now. Food stamp spending has increased 100% since Obama took office. This can be attributed to the horrible state of the economy, and perhaps also because of the ads put out by the National Ad Council, marketing entitlements to the general public. Dependency over self-sufficiency seems to be the agenda of this administration. Especially telling American who have developed their own businesses, that “You didn’t build that!” Obama believes that the government is the answer, not creative, hard-working individuals – he couldn’t be more wrong.

     I sincerely believe these are just a few reasons why our country needs new leadership, and Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan are the people who can steer us into a new direction.  A direction of fiscal solvency, a direction that might not make it better for me, but will make this country better for my children.

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