Friday, May 27, 2011

The sacred Grove

I went to where the prophet stood

I walked his very steps

And in my heart I knew the good

Brought by the Lords concepts

I seemed to feel his very soul

It merged intent with mine

The tempests 'round me seemed to lull

Through sacred peace divine

I felt assured of love and grace

As well as knowledge learned,

I did not see his very face

But my heart no longer yearned

The Holy Spirit's loving arms

Were wrapped around so tight

That all the worldly wealth and charms

Couldn't touch with their fake might

This Gospel means so much to me

Faith growing each new day

That though Christ lived across the sea

He forged for me the way

My heart's been touched by holy hands

The tender seed caressed

When I walk through this sacred land

I know I have been blessed.

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